The folklore group of Burkina that represents the best performers in the country was founded in Ouagadougou in 2015, presenting different traditional dances and culture of their country.

(Maled) is originally called (Mald hearing) because they use the drum (hear) or the duffle only depends largely on this type and often speaks about the exploits of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Men sit in opposite rows with no certain number, and the more the number the better. The one sitting or singing in the middle of the first row, is the leader and usually with good voice, and he tends to keep the poems or the prophetic praises sitting close to (Alnzim) row of ducks. The other row is called (riddah).

And "Al-Barzanji", in which the Prophet's biography is mentioned without the use of the daffodils. The "Almald Barzanji" consists of high-quality words and vocabulary, singing in a lyrical way of performance.

The Astana Dance Group will perform traditional Kazakh dances showcasing the cultural heritage and its links to storytelling traditions and improvisational poetry. Songs and poems have traditionally been sung in verse to the accompaniment of the dombra – their favorite instrument.

Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi is dedicated to restoring music as an integral element of the cultural life of Abu Dhabi, fostering creativity and artistic dialogue throughout the emirate and beyond the UAE. The school is a regional hub for musicians focused on Arabic music and instruments and the training and development of young Emiratis in the expert use of traditional instruments. The institute focuses on instruments such as the oud, qanun, rababa and the Middle Eastern cello.

Al Tannoura Troup was established in 1988 at the Ghury Palace, which specializes in the revival and renovation of the inherited artistic and cultural themes that were about to be forgotten.

Oman Folklore group represent on stage the color of Oman, and their passion to the sea. It is an art of entertainment drawing the seafarer’s life.

Khadeeja from Republic of Dagestan will be performing as a soloist Nashidov in different languages like Arabic and Russian about Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.

For the last 10 years, the Al Fonoon Dabke troupe has been committed to preserving cultural folklore and heritage through dance. Dabke is a form of traditional Levantine folk dance which combines circle dance and line dancing, it is widely performed at weddings and celebrations.

Come and enjoy the passion and power embedded in this energetic and joyful dance. Al Fonoon Dabke will be performing during the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Festival.

The Indonesian Folklore group will present seven different dances reflecting their culture: Tresna Asih Dance, Gandrung Lombok Dance, Angklung, Sasando, Gambus and Fashion Carnival.

Mamaki from Zongo was created in 1974 by Nigerian artists committed to drawing inspiration from traditional dance to convey their messages.

Al Jawhara Saudi Folklore and Heritage Group was established in 2005. In all their performances, the group employed people from the various regions of the Kingdom to showcase the multitude of their folklore and to help preserve their heritage.