Mohammed Mandi: Emirati Calligrapher, holding a diploma from Egypt. Apprenticed to the renowned Egyptian calligrapher Sayed Ibrahim. He is currently working as a calligraphy expert at Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority

Isep Misbah: Born in Indonesia, Learned calligraphy at Assalam Islamic Boarding school. He teaches Calligraphy in Lemka’s Calligraphy school and other different workshops in Indonesia

Palestinian born Adel Fawzi started learning Calligraphy at an early age but he officially studied Calligraphy at Baghdad. He holds many prizes like Al-Riq’a Calligraphy at an Arabesque Competition

Born in Kuwait, Farid Al-Ali is the director of the Kuwait Islamic Arts Center. Farid participated in hundreds of exhibitions in Kuwait, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Parsec and won many prizes like “The Quran”

Taglasir: Born in Sudan. Calligrapher, Painter and colorist. He graduated from University of Khartoum with Bachelor of Arts, and Obtained Graphic Design Masters from London, UK. He works currently as editor at the Department of Culture in Sharjah.

Selected Manuscripts
The National Library Sector of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi owns a collection of manuscripts that covers various fields across the sciences, arts and calligraphy, ranging from the 9th Century to the 20th Century. We have selected a group of manuscripts, from the 17th to the 19th Centuries, to feature the many topics in the wider collection. The selected manuscripts include different copies of the Quran, Hadith, Maliki Fqih, principles of trial and evidence, Islamic jurisprudence, and governance and ethics.

“Can You Hear Me”
By Sultan Bin Fahad
Focusing on the function of Islamic art and architecture, the artist has combined the essentials of Islamic art to form a very powerful sculptural piece that is visual and sensory. Aesthetically abstract, it invites the visitor to seek out the details, as they perceive an unseen horizon

“Mihrab Installation”
By Ali Cha’aban & Khalid Zahid
The work is composed of the heart beat and its link to the Quran, research shows that the Quran lowers blood pressure and soothes the heart beat