Tilt Brush, is a fun tool that allows the creation of 3D objects while fully embedded in Virtual Reality. Participants can create their own calligraphy, trace around words to learn techniques and generally add their creations to an overall 3D environment. The audience members would be able to see the perspective of the participant and the canvas they are creating on a large screen.

Shayma first came to prominence on Arab’s Got Talent and has gone onto become one of the most distinguished sand artists in the region. Working all over the world Shayma was responsible for the ‘Dissemination of the message of Islam’ campaign by UNESCO at their HQ’s in Paris and Brunei. Shayma also performed her skills at EXPO 2016 in Milan.

Shayma has won many awards including: H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for excellence, Sharjah Award for Academic Excellency, Young Entrepreneur Award for the Best Art Project Category, and the First place in Alnukhba Exhibition in its third edition.

Nairouz Eltanbouli celebrates creating long lasting memories and impact on her audience, specifically, writing books tailored to children. After working 4 years as a teacher in Riyadh, she pursued her passion which led to become involved in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, Children's Reading Festival and the Sharjah International Book Fair. She also participated in the forum Al-Rawi in Sharjah, Eid Al-Ittihad in schools and the headquarters of the Union of Writers and Literature Emirates Abu Dhabi Branch. This year at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Festival, Nairouz will echo her love of characters and bring them to life through her imaginative stories that will only put her audience in awe.

Popular in the Arabic Culture, Hakawati – Story telling, involves people sitting around the narrator and listen to meaningful stories with a sense of universal wisdom. Before the era of TV, Hakawati was ‘the’ source of entertainment bringing characters to life through heroism, romance, and action. Ahmed Yousef preserves this long-standing tradition with his talented storytelling making it hard not to invest your attention towards him. You will witness one of the best known Hakawati storyteller at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Festival.