Discover the essence of Palestinian culture through art, literature, music, costume and cuisine. Immerse yourself into the world of embroidery with Tatreez and Tea, a centuries-old artistic tradition, passed from mother to daughter over a cup of tea. Embroidery classes are offered for the general public with Wafa – a passionate embroider whose goal is preserving the revered tradition. Experiment with brushes and acrylic paint with Ahed – co-founder of ArtLab, an organization for visual arts and space sharing, one will learn the technical elements of creating a masterpiece in an hour. Explore the needle and thread with Wissam’s weaving and learn the centuries old craft. Steer into the world of original Palestinian stamps and vintage photographs capturing the daily life of Palestinian activities. Socialize in our traditional Palestinian seating serving authentic Ma’amoul and tea whilst interacting with weaver’s and understand the history behind it.

Wissam Balchi is a Palestinian weaver who is known for her traditional style garments that stay true to the color, form, and style of Palestinian garment.

Wissam will be providing weaving demos at the Palestinian seating area where the audience can sit and watch on 24th-27th April.

Wafa Ghnaim is an American-born Palestinian businesswoman, writer, artist, and founder of Tatreez & Tea, a Palestinian initiative which aims to preserve Palestinian Tatreez (Embroidery) and storytelling traditions passed from mother to daughter over a cup of tea, from generation to generation. Founded with the help of the artist’s mother, Tatreez & Tea provides workshops, lectures, and publications to preserve Palestinian arts, crafts, and folkloric traditions in the diaspora community.

Experience the Palestinian tradition first-hand by participating in the numerous workshops taking place from 24th -27th April.

Through various mediums and techniques, Joanna Barakat’s work brings together the disciplines of painting, photography and Palestinian embroidery to challenge and question collective ideas and stereotypes using a reimagined contemporary Palestinian aesthetic.

Meet her for an embroidery workshop on 27 of April.

Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Khattab is a Palestinian collector of stamps and coins with a special scholarly interest in stamps issued around the world expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and their long-standing struggle by Arab, Islamic and friendly nations. He began his collection of postage stamps in early youth, and proceeded to dedicate his hobby to his national cause in 1976-1977, the years of intellectual maturity.

Ahed Izhiman is a virtuoso visual artist who applies diverse techniques in his field. Born in Jerusalem in 1980, Ahed went on to study arts in Florence, Italy, where he graduated with a degree in fine arts in 2004. In his artwork, Ahed is famous for combining painting and photography, which he also volunteered to teach to youth in refugee camps, villages, and the Old City of Jerusalem.

In 2007, Izhiman established his own atelier. He also co-founded the first multimedia lab in Jerusalem, the “Palestinian National Theatre”, and the ArtLab gallery for visual arts and shared artists’ space. Izhiman is also a member of the Palestinian Art Court board and Sunbula.

Izhiman’s work was exhibited at many local and international exhibitions, his project “The Ring” was on display at the Palestinian Museum during its inaugural exhibition, Jerusalem Lives.

“Anyone can Paint” is the workshop Ahed will conduct during the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Festival, which aims to encourage the attending audience to unleash their creative abilities in an attempt to prove that anyone can paint if shown how, using appropriate techniques and teaching methods.

Ahed Izhiman’s paintings and photography will be exhibited at the “Palestine Pavilion” during the Festival.